Comprehensive Pool Repair Services

When you need pool repairs, turn to the knowledgeable experts at Tobia Pool Care, LLC. We provide comprehensive pool repair services, including general maintenance and replacements for pool pumps, pool filters, pool timers, controls, salt systems, automatic pool cleaners, and much more. We have the experience and tools to handle any pool repair job. Contact Tobia Pool Care, LLC today to learn more about our pool diagnostics and repairs. Give us a call at 561-86-POOLS now to request a pool repair estimate.

Pool Leak Detection

Thinking you might have a leak in your pool? Reach out to Tobia Pool Care, LLC. We specialize in detecting hard-to-find leaks. Once we locate the leak, we will advise you on the best solution to quickly and efficiently repair the leak so you will stop losing money and water. Contact Tobia Pool Care, LLC today at (561) 232-8140 to request leak detection.

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Pool Dive

Pool Equipment & Pump Repair

Tobia Pool Care LLC offers repairs on all types of pool equipment and pumps, including salt systems, chemical/chlorine systems, spas, and more. We offer installations, repairs, and replacements for automatic pool cleaners, pool timers and controls, pool filters (DE, sand, and cartridge), pumps, motors, spa heaters, salt systems. Reach out to Tobia Pool Care, LLC at 561-86-POOLS to request pool equipment repair.

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Services Include

At Tobia Pool Care, we offer a comprehensive range of pool equipment repair and installation services to safeguard your pool's longevity and value. Our services include Pool Pump & Motor Repair & Installation. The motor, positioned on the pump's 'dry end,' transforms electrical power into mechanical action. Its primary function is to drive the pump’s impeller, facilitating the movement of water into and through the pump. With appropriate sizing and regular maintenance, a motor can serve you efficiently for 8-10 years. However, under unfavorable conditions, it might require replacement within a year.

• Motor Replacement
• Pump Replacement or Upgrade

• Leak Location and Repair
• Diagnostics

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Pool Filter ( DE, Sand, & Cartridge Filters) Repair & Installation

One of the most important steps in keeping your pool clean is cleaning pool filters. Your filter works hard to keep your pool clean and sanitary. But, if you fail to periodically clean your filter, dirt and debris can build up within. When that happens, the filter’s ability to is impaired and can become less effective. The three types of pool filters (sand, diatomaceous earth and cartridge) each require unique steps to clean them. This is due to each filter using a unique filtering process.

• Backwashing / Cleaning
• Filter Cartridge or DE Grid Replacement

• Plumbing & Leak Repair
• Main Drain Cover Replacement

Pool Timer & Controls Repair & Installation

Timers and Controllers are a great way to quickly and effectively keep your swimming pool clean and schedule maintenance. Using timers can substantially reduce your costs by controlling and limiting the the electrical requirements of your pool as well as allowing your equipment to last longer. Additionally new advances in technology helps you enjoy the comforts of your pool and spa with handheld wireless remote systems for very reasonable prices.

• Timer installation & Repair

• Timer and Control Upgrade

• Timer Programming

Pool Salt System Repair & Installation

Pool Salt System Repair & Installation Pool salt systems, otherwise known as chlorine generators are attractive to pool owners simply because they eliminate the need to store, buy, transport and handle chlorine. They are not an alternative to chlorine, but actually make their own chlorine from regular table salt. The pool water passes through a generator cell that creates the chlorine within the pool water. As pool water passes through the chlorine generator cell, pumped through by your filter pump, the salt in the water is turned into Hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is the exact same component that is produced when any chlorine is added to pool water, whether you use sticks, tablets, granular or liquid. As the water returns to the pool, it will introduce the newly produced chlorine, preventing algae, bacteria and killing micro-organisms, creating a safe and sanitary swimming environment.

If you already have a pool, you can convert your standard pool to a salt pool. Two components will be added to your existing system, a salt cell and a control unit. The salt cell is attached to the pipes between your filter and water outlet and the control unit allows you to monitor the salt cell. The price for a salt system will vary based on features and brands.

• Salt System Installation & Repair

• Salt Cell Cleaning

• Complete Salt System Troubleshooting

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Pool / Spa Heater Repair & Installlation

Swimming pool heat pumps work just like central air conditioning heat pumps, only in reverse. Instead of removing heat from the inside of your home and expelling it to the outside air, a pool heat pump takes heat out of the outside air and transfers it into your pool water. Swimming pool heat pumps can extract useful heat energy in air temperatures as low as 45–50°F, so they are very effective in Florida’s mild climate.

• Pool and Spa Heater Complete Diagnostic and Repair
• Heater wont fire or start

• Pool Heater and water won't reach desired temaparute
• Heater Cycles on and off?

Automatic Pool Cleaner Repair & Installation

One convenient way for pool owners to keep their pool clean and ready to use is with an automatic pool cleaner (APCs). They help reduce—not eliminate—the need for brushing, skimming, and vacuuming the pool so customers can spend more time enjoying their pool and less time cleaning it.

Three main types of automatic pool cleaners are: Suction-Side Cleaners which attach to the suction side of the pool’s plumbing as water is being drawn out of the pool to be filtered. Pressure-Side Cleaners which work with the pressure side of the pool’s plumbing as clean, filtered water is pushed back into the pool. Robotic Cleaners which are the most convenient! This type of cleaner moves along the bottom of the pool and climbs the walls, collecting dirt and debris into a fine mesh bag or cartridge. Robotic cleaners are the most expensive APC, but they help extend the life of the pool’s filtration system and help save on chemical usage.

• Installations and sales of automatic pool cleaners
• Repair of all types of automatic pool cleaners

• Provide replacement parts for automatic pool cleaner repairs
• Full service pool cleaner repairs