Who is Tobia Pool Care, LLC?

Who is Tobia Pool Care, LLC?

Lou Tobia
August 25, 2023
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Who is Tobia Pool Care, LLC?

Established out of a passion for pristine waters and unmatched client satisfaction, Tobia Pool Care, LLC has been servicing the Southeast Florida community for years. We understand the tropical allure of a sparkling pool or a serene spa. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to ensuring yours remains in impeccable condition.

Our Services

Tobia Pool Care offers an extensive range of services for both residential and commercial spaces, including:

  • Routine Pool and Spa Maintenance: Regular cleaning, chemical balancing, and equipment checks to keep your pool in tip-top shape.
  • Repair Services: From pumps to heaters and filters, our skilled technicians can diagnose and fix issues promptly, ensuring minimal downtime for your pool or spa.
  • Renovation and Upgrades: Looking to give your pool a facelift? We’re equipped to remodel, resurface, and rejuvenate your pool or spa to make it look brand new.
  • Emergency Services: Unexpected issues can arise. Whether it's a sudden leak or malfunctioning equipment, Tobia Pool Care is just a call away.

Expertise: Our team consists of certified and experienced professionals who understand the intricate details of pool and spa care.

Local Know-How: Being based in Southeast Florida, we understand the unique challenges and needs of pool owners in the region.

Custom Solutions: No two pools or spas are the same. We pride ourselves on offering tailor-made solutions that cater to individual client needs.

Eco-friendly Practices: In a state so rich in natural beauty, we’re committed to using sustainable methods and products that are safe for our environment.

Join the Tobia Pool Care Family

Are you ready to elevate your pool or spa experience? Whether you’re seeking regular maintenance, emergency repair, or a complete transformation, Tobia Pool Care, LLC is your trusted partner in Southeast Florida. Welcome to Tobia Pool Care, LLC – where every splash is a statement of perfection.

Contact us today at 561-86-POOLS to schedule your service or consultation.

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